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SW Washington DC 20591 Attn Information Collection Clearance Officer ASP-110. Tear off this cover sheet before submitting this form. FAA Form 8110-14 1/12 Supersedes Previous Edition Organizations complete only the applicable blocks and attach separate resumes with the names signatures titles and qualifications of those persons who would actually perform the authorized functions. U*S* Department of Transportation INFORMATION FOR APPLICANT Federal Aviation Administration STATEMENT OF...
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in the very beginning of the Federal Aviation Regulations is part one and like any good book you put the terms of words you're going to use in general definitions so part one section 11 general definitions and 12 is abbreviations and symbols, and then it also talks about rules of construction so in the very beginning the regulations they give you a guide in part one the rules of construction give you a couple of things one thing it tells you is if if in the regulations you say you see something like he or a male pronoun it also includes the female so just because they say he doesn't mean that women don't have to meet the regulation another one is that if they use a plural it also includes a singular so if they say they must do it is also means you must do it or singular includes the plural includes a singular this is also the section where they talk about what we talked about earlier which is Mae, and she'll this is FA are part one definitions and construction will see this over and over again in the regulations the phrase except as provided what it it's its a lot of words and it may put it in a in a sentence, and they'll it'll sound confusing but all you have to remember is except when you see this there means that there's going to be an exception to the rule except is provided when used in a sentence the way that you do this is that you write down the exception here's an example except for bicycles everyone shall park in the farthest lot okay they put it kind of backwards they if this is an interrupter except for bicycles so what I do is I write down the word bicycles, or I write exception and bicycles now I read the sentence and I follow it I'm flip-flopping what I'm going to do so in this example everyone shall park in the farthest parking lot except for bicycles there's no F a joke, and it says what is the rate what is the answer to any regulation question yes no and maybe here's an example ninety 119 carriage of narcotic drugs marijuana the present or stimulant drugs and substances this is the regulation an except as provided in paragraph B of this section no person may operate a civil aircraft within the United States with knowledge that narcotic drugs marijuana and depressant or stimulant drugs or substances as defined in federal or state statutes are carried in the aircraft B paragraph an of this section does not apply to the carriage of narcotic drugs marijuana and depressant or stimulant drugs as authorized by or under any federal or state statute or by any federal or state agency now when I finish reading this I don't even know what it means I've read so many words at the end I forgot what I is even reading in the beginning on second take when I go back to this if I read this up here it says no person may operate a civil aircraft within the United States, so I'm thinking can I even operate an aircraft the United States okay so let's break this down if you remember I said that the answer to every regulation question is yes no maybe...
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